Patti Fields Jewelry was founded in 1990 immediately after Patti graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art. While majoring in metal-smithing, she focused primarily on sculptural work. It was not until after graduation that Patti discovered how much she enjoyed making jewelry. Like her past sculptural work, much of her jewelry is inspired by found objects, both natural and man-made. Throughout the past 26 years, her work has been showcased at over 250 national and international stores, galleries, boutiques, and museums.

I am a lover of objects embedded with a history and a story. I have always been a collector and a maker of art. While I love to draw and sketch, I never seem to sketch out my ideas for jewelry. I start with the objects. I look at them out of their original context, without a reference to what purpose they may have originally served. While each piece of jewelry is appropriately crafted, it is approached with the intuitive and somewhat industrial treatment of material. The mark of the makers hand is evident in each piece. Each piece is designed and fabricated solely by me, and is uniquely and inherently one of a kind. Heavy oxidation is also used in most of the work along with rivets, graphic stamped designs, and hand formed bezels that come together with a plethora of found objects. Each piece is silver soldered and hand constructed with traditional metal-smithing techniques. I do not glue or wire wrap anything in my jewelry. I enjoy the dichotomy of using old cast-off, useless materials to create new and exciting works of art to wear.